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Hometown Hope Music Therapy

Holistic Care for Southeast Iowa

Meet the Music Therapist

Landry Heinzerling, MT-BC

While I was growing up in Southeast Iowa, I knew I wanted to use music to support people in my community. Years later, I have returned home as a board-certified music therapist, passionate about administering genuine empathy and facilitating life-changing growth for people of all ages. Every individual is a unique person worthy of respect, compassion, and support toward their holistic development. Music therapy is an effective method of supporting human flourishing.  

At Hometown Hope Music Therapy, clients are supported holistically through assessment, weekly sessions, treatment planning, musical intervention, and quarterly evaluation. Music is the primary treatment tool used to accomplish each person's individual goals. With years of practicum and education, full-time internships, and certification through the Certification Board for Music Therapists, music therapists use evidence-based therapeutic techniques to address a variety of needs.

About Me
Sheet Music and Guitar
Cognitive Skills


-attention & memory

-following directions

Social Skills

-impulse control

-relationship building

-self awareness

-participation & engagement 

Emotional Skills

-emotional expression

-flexibility & regulation

-coping strategies

Expressive Communication Skills

-speech clarity

-vocal production


-non-verbal communication

Motor Skills

-gait training

-fine motor grasp

-range of motion 


Mental Health

-self esteem & quality of life

-anxiety & depression


-stress management

 Sensory Skills

-aesthetic sensitivity

-sensory processing

-sensory orientation

Receptive Communication Skills

-speech comprehension

-conversational skills

-auditory perception

Daily Living Skills

-problem solving 

-personal hygiene


Music Therapy Goals

Please contact us for session rates, questions, or further information about music therapy.

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Hometown Hope Music Therapy 


We are now offering music lessons in addition to music therapy services. Contact us for information about learning voice, piano, and guitar!

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